Do I have to do videos?

No, but you should, and we got you covered.

When it comes to the internet, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand shares. Video, is arguably, one of the greatest tools provided to modern content creators and businesses. However, the process of making a video that engages the audience is no simple task, so where does one start?

Know Yourself & Know Your Audience. It may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your brand’s personality calm and professional or energetic and personal?  
  • Is it tailored to younger or older audiences?  
  • Is your theme minimalistic, colorful, or maybe a hybrid?

Nail the Timing. Now that you’ve spent some time brainstorming the video aesthetics it’s time to begin the drafting process. Longform video has its place, but for day-to-day engaging content that aims to tell a story – 45-60 seconds is a sweet spot. 

The goal is to hook your audience’s attention and increase your video’s overall reach.  

  • Data shows the first 5 seconds of a video are crucial to “hook” a viewer’s interest. 
  • The first 30 seconds are crucial to a video’s reach, allowing it to spread like wildfire!  

Hollywood in Your Pocket. Finally the brainstorming is done, the time length adjusted, and the video premise is clear.  All that’s left now is to record, edit, and post!  But record with what?  Edit with Who?  Don’t worry, there are dozens of ways to film and edit a video all from the convenience of your couch!


  • Smartphone cameras have come a long way since the Motorola Razr.  To the point where it can look crisper than your own eyes, not to mention the versatility of how and where it can be implemented.
  • Web cameras have also evolved with the rising popularity in streamer based content.  A good webcam is a must for any if you want to shine in any virtual webinar, seminar, or podcast format.
  • Traditional cameras remain a staple of large business marketing, they have the most professional appeal, not necessarily due to the camera itself but for the person behind it.


  • Phone editing apps are abundant and simple to use, they are great for on the go editing, just make sure to verify the creators credentials before downloading.
  • Computer editing is where the real magic happens, it’s also where the steepest learning curve is found.  There are great tools out there (some posted below) but each has their own unique UI, meaning that if you aren’t liking one program then be prepared to refamiliarize yourself with the next one.
    • Davinci Resolve
    • Apple iMovie
    • Adobe Premiere Pro

After all is said and done, this is nothing more than the beginning of your video marketing mastery journey.  There are so many more things that could be discussed, that if we tried to fit all of it here you’d be left reading a college thesis! But for now let’s be content with the foundation that we have built, and build from there.