When we talk about brands at KMC Digital, we think in terms of Brand Ecosystems. Wherever you and your business are “showing up” in person or online, are important. Each interaction is a touchpoint that needs to be cohesive in message and design.

Your customer should also be able to interact with your brand in a way that is simple, with the least amount of friction possible.

By now most of us recognize that a brand is more than just a logo. It is your personality, vibe, love language, and the way you make clients feel when they interact with you. It is critical to deliver consistent and professional brand experiences across all platforms.

Introducing — drum roll — brand guidelines.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are a set of rules and tools that help you outline your brand identity, tone of voice, messaging, etc. Consistency is vital in how you look, behave, speak, and represent the brand across all internal and external touchpoints, and brand rules help you keep that consistency.

Whether you are a tiny startup or a corporate giant, brand guidelines should not be ignored, neglected or missing from your business arsenal. We recommend that you revisit these annually, or when a major brand pivot is taking place.

What’s included in brand guidelines?

Since no two brands are exactly the same, the elements included may vary. However, there are some common elements:

  • The color palette that your brand uses.
  • The different typography associated with your brand, including the various typefaces and families.
  • The different versions of your logo design and how they are to be used.
  • Tone of voice of your brand to be used across print collateral, social media posts.

There are other elements that can be included:

  • Graphic elements
  • Symbols if your brand contains any
  • Wordmarks are included when appropriate.
  • Your brand identity (mission, core values, personality, tone, elevator pitch, etc.)
  • Your brand assets and the appropriate use (logo, color palette, typeface, spacing, backgrounds, etc.)
  • Imagery uses and styles

Once you have all of these elements documented and laid out, don’t keep them a secret! Share with your entire team, vendors, contractors, etc. – anyone who is interacting with or designing anything on behalf of your business or organization.

If you need help developing your brand assets, contact us today and we can help you build a brand that stands the test of time. You are worth the investment in a professional look and feel. We would love to be a part of your journey!